Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bubba's Texas BBQ & Saloon

I finally got to go to Bubba's BBQ! Voted for having the best ribs in Shanghai I started fantasizing about them before we even got there. (What is it with me and food?)

We made it just in time for the happy hour (5pm to 8pm), when beers are available for a discount and margaritas for RMB20 a pop. For 20 quai the margaritas had got quite a bit of a kick. Loved it!
We got jalapeno poppers to share while we studied the menu. They were really tasty with melted cheese in the middle. Very spicy!

The menu is pretty simple with BBQ meats such as ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, ham, and chicken. Then there are also burgers, steaks, and BBQ meats only to take home. U went for a burger. It looked good and she enjoyed it.

P's uber substantial triple combo with ribs, briskets and ham. All combos come with 2 side dishes.

To top up his already substantial combo P also got some Texas style beans on the side. And he managed to finish everything!

My double combo with ribs and a pile of pulled pork. The ribs were nicely seasoned with a smoking BBQ taste and a hint of spicy Cajun spice. I enjoyed the extremely tender pulled pork a lot too. The side dishes were very enjoyable also and I particularly liked the coleslaw. There was just something about the dressing which made it nicer than other regular coleslaw. The mustard potato salad was OK but I personally prefer English mustard.
C's double combo with ribs and Mongolian briskets. She said the briskets were very nice.

C's husband (also C) ordered the USDS beef briskets. Judging by how fast he ate his it had to be excellent.

The dessert selection was small: apple pie, ice cream, and peach cobbler. While I had ice cream U and C went for apple pie. The pie was absolutely huge and delicious!

Dinner for five with 2 or 3 drinks each came to just under RMB1100. Acceptable for such a feast. Too bad the place is far in Hong Qiao or I will be going more frequent.

Bubba's Texas BBQ & Saloon
2262 Hong Qiao Rd. (near Jian He Rd.) Shanghai. Tel: 6242-0449

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