Thursday, September 06, 2007

China Moon

The moment we walked into China Moon we thought we had made a mistake. There were more waiters than diners in this cheesy gold and sparkly decorated place on a Saturday afternoon. Not a good sign. We sat down anyway and ordered a few things from the relatively big dim sum menu.

Then the world's most annoying dining experience began. Our plates and teacups were shuffled before our food even got to the table. The waiter insisted on unwrapping the plastic wrapper so he could serve us our wet towels. OTT or what?

The oily soya sauce came separate to the vegetable we ordered but the waitress dumped it all over while she asked whether we want it poured on. I asked her what the point was for asking if she wasn't going to wait for an answer. She laughed and moved away. We weren't laughing.

Our Singapore noodles was actually pretty good although the portion is a little small. It's part of the dim sum menu so we were not complaining.

Some nondescript prawn and veg dumplings.

Another dumpling dish with prawn (or was it scallops?) with vegetables. Nothing special.
We also got siu mai, beef rolls, beef meatballs, glutinous rice dumplings, and they were all pretty average. Meanwhile the waitress kept fussing over our plates and rearranging stuff on the table. Then there's the teapot she refused to leave at the table, and as a result she came over and topped up our teas every time we took a sip. Is that what they call good service?

Lunch came to close to RMB200 - not worth a revisit given the intrusive service.

China Moon
2/F, KWah House, 1028 Huai Hai Rd (near Dong Hu Rd.), Shanghai.

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