Friday, September 21, 2007

Xin Ji Shi

Xin Ji Shi re-opened about a month ago after a renovation project. We've been back twice since its re-opening and we couldn't help but to think perhaps the original chef has left? The usually excellent pork in sugar and vinegar sauce was nothing like it used to be unfortunately. What a disappointment! The usual tangy sweet flavour was gone and we had some pretty bland and slightly salty (and very oily) pork instead. Won't be ordering it again.

Good thing our other favourite dish beef in chili was excellent. Numbingly spicy it had all the right flavours.

Mandarin fish with pine nuts and we have yet to figure out what Mandarin fish is. The fish was small and not very fleshy but we liked the sauce. The batter was also very thin and for the little meat we got it was very nice indeed.

Some kind of sprouts stir-fry.

Shanghai fried noodles. Very tasty but sinfully oily.

Lunch for 2 came to RMB450 with the fish dish being RMB190. A bit pricey and perhaps it's time to explore the local restaurants in the city.

Xin Ji Shi (5 branches in town)
Corner of Huang Pi Rd and Tai Cang Rd., Shanghai. Tel: 6336-4746

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