Monday, November 12, 2007

Otto Gourmet Cafe

Saturday evening we decided to go somewhere casual and Otto came to mind. After my pretty satisfying lunch experience I was actually getting excited about this visit.

We were served olives and goat cheese with the bread with 3 dips. (Loved the green basil dip.)

My husband had Mediterranean scallops with chanterelle mushroom ad fava beans (RMB108) to start. As usual he comment was that they're alright. When pressed he said they were pretty tasty.

My cold cuts starter (RMB88) - full of meat and almost no vegetables - loved it! I did hope that there would be more artichokes and pickled onions as they were very nice as well.

My husband's salami pizza (RMB78). While it was freshly made he said it was pretty average and that he's had better.

I on the other hand loved my Chinese Oolong tea smoked duck (RMB148) very much. Although the sauce was nothing special (some kind of vinegar and wine reduction) the meat was very very tender and moist. I also like the fact that I got 3 pretty large pieces - I was stuffed! I couldn't really taste Oolong tea leaves at all though. And the only thing I didn't like was that coarse sea salt was sprinkled on the duck (as a garnish perhaps?). Not only was it overly salty it wasn't a good sensation to shew through grains of salt. Yuck!

Too bad we didn't have room for dessert. Dinner with 1 glass of wine came to around RMB 550. Again we were taken back by just how very expensive the wine list is. Expect to pay over RMB100 for a rather small glass (even though it claims to have 150ml) of wine.

Otto Gourmet Cafe
85 Fumin Rd. (nr Julu Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6248-9186

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