Friday, November 16, 2007

Haiku by Hatsune

Another visit to Haiku. We ordered a whole bunch of stuff as there were the 5 of us but I was too busy eating I didn't take pics of everything.

The always-excellent motorolla.

Butterfly roll with snow crab and avocado.

Amy roll with salmon. We also had sashimi (tuna was excellent), tempura, Engen roll, and beans. We loved everything!

Some red bean cake - free dessert. I don't like red bean and I kept thinking I could taste the wooden spoon more than the cake itself. Yuck.

Dinner for 5 with 2 drinks each came to just under RMB900. I'm getting hungry again just looking at the pictures!

Haiku by Hatsune
28B Tao Jiang Rd.(nr Wulumuqi Rd.) Shanghai. Tel: 6445-0021

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