Friday, November 09, 2007

paper mask marathon

Guerlain's Super Aqua Mask (around US$100/6 pcs). Very rich and creamy it brings instant relief to sensitive and dry skin. I don't usually like fragrance but I don't find the strong floral mask offensive at all. In fact it's rather relaxing. While I like its soothing and moisturising properties I think it's way too expensive. With that price I expect more corrective features.
O Hui whitening mask (US$80/7 pcs). I don't normally go for whitening products (working hard to keep my tan!) but the sales girl convinced me that the mask will only even skin tone and that its moisturising effect is excellent - I was sold.
The mask has an interesting texture: it's like a piece of membrane - kind of freaky. It does what it claims and my face always feels very plump and smooth after. I don't notice any whitening effect but my face seems brighter for sure. Will consider buying another box again.
Assorted paper masks (US$1/piece) from Korea from the shops Tony Moly and Innisfree. I love the price tag but I have to say they don't really do anything drastic in terms of performance. They are not bad as a day-to-day maintenance but don't expect a t0tal switch-around. The cut and paper texture are generally pretty good with all of these.

Tony Moly's Ginseng Mask (US$1). Granted it didn't deliver miracles, but my face felt moisturised and it was radiating immediately after. The effects however didn't last too long (1 day maybe?) but I am guessing continuous use would probably give a better result. Too bad I didn't buy more while I was in Seoul!

SKII's Signs Dual Treatment Stretch Mask (around US$100/6 pcs). It works. The mask fits quite nicely and skin feels nourished and repaired after. I don't really notice the tightening and lifting effects as it claims but the overall result is pretty good. However given the price and performance I think I would go for its Treatment Mask instead - Treatment Mask is slightly cheaper and it's just as good (if not better).

Olay's Total Effect (US$17/5pcs). One of my favourites. The stretch makes fitting perfect and no more wrinkly paper folds! It leaves skin nourished but I have yet to see its de-wrinkling effect yet. I am very happy with how my skin feels after though and this is my 3rd box! Will keep on buying.

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