Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We liked the food in Bellagio so much we went back for some more.

To satisfy my egg craving I got some marinated eggs. The eggs were OK but the brown sauce on top was was like a BBQ pork sauce.

Black pepper beef on hot plate. Loved it! More beef would be nice.

Singapore noodles - it was average - not enough kick and almost too sweet.

BBQ pork. We asked for extra lean but it was still pretty fatty. The taste was not bad but by the time we cut all the fat out we didn't get too much left.

Deep fried pomfret. I was a little put off when I saw the whole fish - fillets would be nice. The fish was a bit disappointing anyway as it wasn't the freshest: it was slightly fishy.

Braised beef noodles. Loved the soup base and everything.

Fried 'olive vegetable'. We think it's some kind of beans - very good nonetheless.
Dinner came to around RMB 250. Will go back again.

68 Tai Cang Rd. (nr. Hu Bin Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6386-5701

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