Thursday, November 15, 2007


My second visit to Bellagio. It was almost 10pm but the place was still pretty busy with people having desserts (and smoking at the same time!).

We were so hungry we ordered a whole bunch of stuff.

Our cod steak in miso sauce (RMB69). We loved the texture of the fish and it went well with the miso sauce. We thought it was a bit stingy in the quantity department: for RMB69 you think you'd get more than one fillet.

The legendary Taiwanese beef noodles (RMB28). It was so good I'd go back just to have some more. The broth was packed full of flavours and miraculously we did not get thirsty after! The marbled beef , thickly cut and braised to perfection, was not as lean as my husband would like so I got to eat all of it. I too hate fat normally but in this case it was so good I didn't care.

The menu describes this as 'olive vegetable' but we think it's some kind of string beans. Finely chopped and fried with minced pork the dish was very tasty (RMB29).

Sichun beef in chili oil (RMB45). The dish looked fierce with all that chili and it was hot hot hot! I can normally take spicy but my mouth was literally burning and I felt like it had taken the joy of enjoying the dish and its usually complex flavours.

Ma po tofu (RMB26). Perhaps it was all the strong tasting dishes we ordered which made the normally punchy tofu dish paled in comparison. It probably wasn't bad but it tasted very blend amongst the rest of the stuff.

Last but not least we got our roast crispy chicken (RMB46). We assumed the chicken was roasted on the spot as it took a little while to arrive and it came very crispy ad warm. The meat was very moist and fresh we wished there was more.
The big feast came to RMB248, which we were very happy about. We liked the cheerful service too. Too bad the place has not got a non-smoking area. Somehow everybody chain-smoked and at the end of our meal we smelt like we had been in a smoky bar for 5 hours. Yikes.
68 Tai Cang Rd.(nr Hubin Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6386-5701

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