Thursday, November 01, 2007

Succumbing to Louboutin

I had said I was not going to buy Louboutins before....but when I finally gave in I gave in 4 times in a row in less than a month's time. I think I'm crazy.

These are so comfortable I didn't think I was wearing heels. I just love the shape of them even though they are so simple in theory. And the arch support too - it's out of this world. And don't forget the toe cleveage!!!

I can't believe how comfortable these are. And I love the fact that they add 5 inches on me.

In comparison to suede the fishnet material is not as soft but it is versatile!

And finally my cinderella shoes. They make my heart race and I couldn't say no after trying them on. Nuff said.
Time for shoe rehab.

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