Monday, November 12, 2007

Shanghai Hotel Equipment Corp.

Shanghai Hotel Equipment Corp. is our favourite kitchenware store in the world. As it's catered to restaurants you can find pretty much everything there. Our favourites: straw dispenser (just like the ones in fast food joints), wooden sushi boats (as big as 5ft!!), fajita plates, lazy suzy, everything from bar to coffee house to restaurants - you name it, they've got it.

IQ question: what's the difference between a deep round cake pan and a pizza pan? Scroll down for answer.

Look at the size of this meat tenderiser!!

Items I spotted on this visit that are on my wish list:
- a meat slicer, like the ones they use in deli shop. This way we can slice cheese and ham at home!
- a rotisserie. Just think how cool it'd be when you can just throw stuff in and voila!
- a popcorn machine - the real thing with the clear display box and a hanging basket in the middle. I don't even like pop corn but it'd be fun looking at them pop.

Now to answer the IQ question: there's no difference between the 2. the person responsible for product naming was very cunning!

345 Au Men Rd. (nr Jiang Ning Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6266-9988

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