Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Moon River Diner

Another pig-out session at Moon River.

The legendary milkshakes: Oreo on the left and strawberry on right. Both were delicious!!

Chili cheese fries - another one of our favourites. We love the chunks of meat you get in the chili.
My husband's burger. Appropriately greasy, it was much better than the one I had in Arugula. At least the meat was lean.
My soup which came with my main. It reminded me of school cafeteria soup and it was very very salty.

Underneath this pile of cheese was a hot dog - chili cheese dog to be exact. While the chili cheese was nice the dog was a total disappointment. It didn't even come close to its description on the menu, i.e. a ballpark Frankfurter in a toasted bun. Instead what we had was a very soggy wiener, like it had been left in the bottom of the steamer for about 3 months. Perhaps I'd stick with burgers next time.

Moon River Diner
68 Yu Yao Rd. (nr Xi Kang Rd.) Shanghai. Tel: 5213-5106

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