Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tony Roma's, part 2

I dragged my husband to Tony Roma's last Saturday, as I had major craving for ribs still. Unfortunately the visit turned out to be very disappointing.

Without the weekday set lunches everything was very expensive for what you get. Here's my husband's BBQ chicken and ribs combo (RMB175). Supposedly there should be 600g of meat - yeah right. It looked so stingy it was pathetic. They didn't even give him a regular slab of ribs and it was probably 3 days ago when that chicken saw a BBQ.

My regular slab of red hots (RMB145) looked a little better. Ribs were meaty and juicy but they weren't even remotely spicy. Perhaps they gave me the wrong sauce.

All in all the meal did not worth the money they are asking for. Service was pretty bad and it wasn't even busy. Won't go back again (at least not over the weekends).

Tony Roma's
#109 Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Rd. West, (nr Xi Kang Rd.) Shanghai. Tel: 6279-7129

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