Wednesday, August 01, 2007

La Creperie

I couldn't wait to try La Creperie because I had been fantasizing about crepes ever since the wonderful meal we had in St. Malo. I was even more hyped when I found out about the specially imported cider. Yay!!!

My Les Pierres Noires with smoked ham, mushroom , Camembert, and cream. It was very delicious indeed. Half way through my crepes the smoked ham and mushroom got a little overpowering and it was a little heavy on my taste buds.
C's Le Four with mixed mushrooms, smoked ham, garlic and parsley looked similar to mine so I didn't take a picture. She enjoyed hers at first but again the smokey taste got too heavy for her after a while.

For dessert C tried the one with almond cream - very nice she said.

My Le Barometre - stewed apple and caramel. Loved it! Makes me hungry just looking at the picture. Hmmm.....
Lunch came to RMB250. Will go back for desserts.

La Creperie
1 Tao Jiang Rd. (near Fen Yang Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5465-9055

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