Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sakae Sushi

For RMB98 person I stuffed myself silly with the all-you-can-eat menu. Sometimes it's nice to have quantity over quality. Everything in Sakae is average and you won't get any nice or bad surprises.

My sashimi plate. The chef substituted my ika order for octopus without asking first. Oh well. They were very chewy indeed.

The sushi I ordered. Nothing special about them at all and they were just like those pre-packaged stuff you get from supermarkets.

Grilled eel. The piece was so small (2 inches long) I should have ordered at least 2. The teriyaki sauce was nice but there was too much of it - the fish was soaked and too wet as a result.

Sliced beef with spring onions. It was fried in butter and it didn't really taste of anything. There was no dip and I might have overcooked my beef so it was like chewing through pieces of paper. A bit blah.

Teriyaki salmon. The fish was nice and firm. And unlike the eel it had the right amount of sauce.

Grilled mackerel, fresh and nicely grilled.

I didn't think I could eat again for the rest of the day after the meal. Good value for RMB98 I'd say!

7/F Parkson, 918 Huai Hai Middle Rd. (near Shanxi Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6415-9726

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