Monday, August 20, 2007

Etude House Black Head Sauna Balm

There must have been 1000s of Etude House dotted around Seoul. The layout of the shops is similar to Body Shop but it's pink and cute and full of teenagers. While the skincare and body products looked too young for me I was intrigued by the blackhead sauna balm and its finger tip silicon.

Here's a close-up on the silicon "finger gloves". As fine as the little probes are I didn't think they'd be small enough for pores. At US$8 per set I was prepared to take a chance though.
The balm has a lemon scene and the lemon oil is supposed to dissolve blackheads and purge pores with no irritating friction. In theory it's pressing all my buttons. The reality (after 1 use) is not quite so drastic. In fact I didn't notice any difference with the before and after. The balm heats up a little when massaged but that's it. My quest for pore-cleaning products will continue.

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