Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tian Jia

Tian Jia specialises in toro and king crab - it doesn't get any better than this.

We both decided to order the set dinner. At RMB250/person you get a bit of everything. Perfect!

We started off with a type of toro (I am guessing otoro because of the marble?). Very fresh and had that melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Two more types of toro - again very fresh and sweet indeed. The thin one was already dressed with lemon and vinegar and the spring onions matched perfectly.

We liked the thicker cut so much (I am guessing it's chutoro) we ordered an extra portion. They were so tender and "melty" I didn't think I was eating fish.

The next dish: king crab legs. I can't even describe how sweet they were and I wish there was more.

More toro! This time they were to cook in the shabu shabu. We were told 2 seconds in the hot water was all they need but it's easier said than done. I ended up over-cooking most of mine.

The rest of our shabu shabu fixings. The crab legs once again were exceptional.

We put everything in all in one go. The broth was so nice it made eating Chinese cabbage enjoyable even. Towards the end we were served hand-made udon noodles. Hand-made udon is so much better than the usual pappy mass-produced ones.

Negitoro with rice. A perfect way to finish the meal.

I ended up polishing off my husband's portion too. Look how shiny that fish was!

Loved the homemade coffee ice cream also.

Tip: cash only for this location.

Must go back for more in the near future.

Tian Jia (3 restaurants in town)
2/F, 1520 Hua Shan Rd. (entrance in hotel courtyard right by Hua Shan Park), Shanghai. Tel: 6281-4918

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