Friday, August 17, 2007

Enprani Lastian & Super Aqua

Enprani was on my to-try list after I spoke to my friend P. When I got to Seoul it took me a while to find it, but it was somewhat rewarding when the salesgirls gave it their thumbs up when I compared it with other brands in the shop.

The #1 seller seemed to be the Super Aqua line. I immediately decided to get the water mask (US$38). After 3 uses so far and I have to say the moisture replenishing effect is average. It forms a thin film on skin when it dries and it's not penetrating like some of the other masks I tried. I would put it in the better-than-nothing category: good for daily maintenance and not for emergency.
When I saw the Lastian serum (US$120) with "retinol x 8" on the bottle I had to buy it. I have a weak spot when it comes to retinol.

The texture is a little too greasy (similar to the Isa Knox Double Effect Series) and it takes a little massaging to have it all absorbed. A drag. And as most Korean skincare products there are at least 4 layers to put on: lotion, emulsion, serum, then cream. After almost 3 weeks of use I have yet to see an anti-wrinkle effect. My skin feels softer and plump though.

My purchases came with a whole bag of free gifts! The joy of shopping in Korea. There are 3 tubes of face wash, Super Aqua paper masks, Super Aqua lotion, emulsion and cream in trial size.

I lam particularly impressed with the paper mask. With gel serum it pumps moisture and even out complexion all in 15 mins. Highly recommended!
The Super Aqua lotion and emulsion are quite refreshing. Unlike the Lastian line they are non-greasy and go on very easily. Very light in texture they don't add weight to the skin despite the 4-layer ritual. I wish I have got more of the stuff!

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