Saturday, August 25, 2007

Prima Taste Restaurant

Prima Taste is a Singaporean franchise. You can even buy cooking products from the chain in supermarkets if you feel like creating your own Singaporean speciality at home.

I started my lunch with a refreshing fresh lime soda (RMB15).

Chicken laksa (RMB28). I have come to the conclusion that laksa is not for me. While the soup base is very rich and creamy it's a little too fishy for me.

The Hainan chicken rice (RMB32) here had to be the best I've had in Shanghai so far. The chicken was juicy and succulent, and most importantly tasted actually like chicken. The rice cooked with chicken broth and spices was so fragrant and delicious I wanted more of it (why such small portion?). The dips were excellent and even the cucumbers underneath the chicken were delicious. The only thing I could pick on was the soup, which was not real chicken broth unfortunately.
I need to go back again for the chicken rice very soon and next time I will give the curry dishes a try for sure.

Prima Taste Restaurant
3/F Metro City, 1111 Zhao Jia Bang Rd., SHanghai. Tel: 6426-8898

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