Sunday, August 12, 2007

China Southern Airlines

Shanghai to Guangzhou - I wasn't going to put anymore airline food on the site because they are all going to be beef with rice or chicken with noodles. I am making an exception because I was quite impressed with this particular beef and noodles.

The sushi inspired starter was pretty nice. I think the scallop was fake though, probably made with pollock like imitation crab sticks.

The beef with noodles that surprised the heck out of me. A decent cut minute steak was topped with a tasty black pepper sauce. Even though the spaghetti was over-cooked (of course) I wasn't complaining. I wished there was more because I was still hungry after.

Unfortunately there seemed to be just 1 portion of beef with noodles available and my husband had to go with beef with rice, and he didn't think much of it.
Guangzhou to Hanoi - no food was served on the 90 min flight! We were starving because the flight was delayed from 8pm to 10:30pm and we hadn't had any dinner.
Hanoi to Guangzhou - again, no food. We came equipped with biscuits this time.
Guangzhou to Shanghai - no starter but a choice between beef noodles and dim sum for main. I didn't expect it to be Cantonese soupy noodles and it was actually not bad. Too small in quantity though. Dessert was sago pudding but it looked horrifying - it curdled in a way that I thought it was fermenting.

The dim sum option. A bit blah.
My conclusion: always bring your own food if you fly China Southern.

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