Friday, August 31, 2007

sugar scrub face-off

Yet another find in Seoul: black sugar scrub (US$7/100ml). I don't even know what black sugar is but it looks remarkably like brown sugar. The scrub is in a dry paste and water should be added to avoid too much friction. While the grains are so much bigger than the Fresh version (see below) they actually melt away while you scrub. I guess this way at least you know when to shop scrubbing. I think its exfoliating effect is much better than normal scrubs and I love the sweet sugar smell. I wonder if you can get the same effect by using real brown sugar?

Fresh Sugar Face Polish (around US$60/100ml). The grains are so much finer and it has a somewhat oily base. It smells very nice too and is excellent in exfoliating also. I don't think it's worth almost 10 times the price to the Innifree scrub though. The winner: Innisfree definitely!

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