Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Seoul Korean Restaurant

My craving for Korean food came on instantly when I saw the new Seoul Korean Restaurant (how creative) in town. The place, with flashing Christmas lights on the ceiling, was pretty busy with nearby office workers.

I looked at the menu and I was wondering whether the owner is actually Korean. While all the usual Korean dishes are on the menu they are not in their Korean names. For instance instead of bibimbap you have rice with beef, and bulgogi is called Korean beef. Lame. Anyhow this is my freshly squeezed apple juice (RMB28). I was happy with the size and it was cold and refreshing.
The complimentary kimchi spread. Could use larger portions. I ran out and didn't get refills.

I was surprised to see real charcoal being used for my BBQ. Neat. However I was even more surprised when I saw on the bill that it cost RMB5. I didn't mind paying the 5 quai at all but I thought it's a little cheeky. And I am not sure whether it made my food tastier but hey it's a novelty.

My beef spare ribs (RMB50).

They were not too bad but let's say I've had better best beef ribs before. Given the price they were acceptable.

My bibimbap (RMB20) was average: the mince beef was too wet and tasteless. The rest of the vegetables didn't go too well neither. All in all it's OK if you are desperate.

I had to order cold noodle (RMB20) just to see what it's like even though there was way too much food already. It wasn't too bad but it came with chili sauce instead of mustard and vinegar and as a result it didn't taste right. A refreshing choice for the summer no less.
Overall everything was average but at food-court prices it's justifiable. I will go back to try a few more things for sure.

Seoul Korean Restaurant
4/F, 988 Huai Hai Middle Rd (near Shanxi Rd), Shanghai. Tel: 5404-7717

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