Sunday, August 26, 2007

Moon Sha

RMB78/person afternoon buffet! The spread was not very big but we went there specifically for the hot dogs and waffles.

Before we dove into the hot dogs we had a warm up with the rather delicious tuna sandwiches.

I had five hot dogs in less than an hour!

I gave the pineapple fried rice a try and it wasn't bad at all. A little too wet but the black pepper taste was nice.
Also available in the buffet were freshly rolled sushi rolls made with vegetables, pasta, fruits and a salad.

Marble cheesecake and brownie. The brownie was quite dry but the cheesecake was not bad.

Clockwise from top: coffee cake, cheesecake, hazelnut tart and some kind of crisp. Everything was nice especially the hazelnut tarts but the thin crispy thing was weird. It was savory?

Finally the freshly made waffles. So fluffy and soft I could eat them everyday.

Consider its killer Bund view it's not a bad deal. Too bad the place was full of running noisy children and smoking parents.

Moon Sha
3/F, 5 on the Bund, Shanghai. Tel: 6321-3568

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