Saturday, August 25, 2007

Element Fresh

Here's a few more dishes from Element Fresh.

Warm Italian sandwich (RMB68). It's basically a pizza with an open baguette. Nice but can do with less tomatoes and grilled peppers. More meat please.

Truck driver sandwich (RMB62). Loved the awesomely thick wad of ham and smoked turkey filling. That's what a sandwich should be like.

Grilled pork with lemongrass and noodle salad (RMB58). The pork was really nice and tender and full of flavours. The rest of the salad was pretty plain and bland and the water-down thousand island dressing did nothing to the dish. A spicy and zingy Thai dressing would have been much better.
4/F KWah House, 1028 Huai Hai Middle Rd. (near Donghu Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5403-8865

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