Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Saint Malo food

The first meal we had was not actually in Saint Malo but a small coastal village nearby. It was late but the sleepy village had a couple of small restaurants by the beach. (Our beach dinghy landing provided an adventurous start for the evening.)

We all went for some set dinner deal and which we got to choose from all sorts of dishes from the menu. My husband had the langoustine to start. He said they were nice but the real star was the handmade fresh mayonnaise dip in the middle. It was so good we all dipped our bread with it. The presentation was impressive also, if not a little scary. N said students are required pose their langoustine the exact same way too in his cooking classes. Must be a French thing.

The rest of us went for a seafood soup with huge pieces of salmon, white fish, smoked fish and shellfish. It was excellent!!

The house special: seafood couscous royal. The sauce was delicate and went well with the couscous and I surely enjoyed the variety of seafood on the plate.

My husband had soup for his main. It was very similar to the starter we had, with chunks of seafood in it, in much larger quantity.

We were served a cheese and tomato thing before our desserts. I think the waiter decided he would just do his own thing as our French skill was not worth his effort to communicate. It must be part of the dinner set though (the tomato, not the tude).

There were 4 choices for dessert and we decided to try one of each. We couldn't work out what the waiter was trying to describe for this particular one but we realised it was some kind of meringue thing. (Surely he didn't say meringue and he called it something else.) It was nice nonetheless.

N had something similar to a date flan. Not bad he said.

My husband tried the creme brulee. Unfortunately it was not as good as the rest of the meal.

My ice cream: there was caramel, and we are pretty sure he said the other flavour was fleur de sel. It did taste a little salty but could it be a flavour of an ice cream? I thought the way to do it is to sprinkle fluer de sel on the ice cream...perhaps that's what he meant and we heard him wrong. Nonetheless the ice cream was very smooth and rich. Two thumbs up.

Saint Malo was full of cute looking cafes and ice cream stands. This particular cake display caught our attention instantly and we decided to give the place a try.

We started off with some traditional cider. Cool and refreshing - enjoyed the 5% alcohol totally.

This is R's order. I don't really know what he got but it was some kind of open cheese sandwich of some sort. He seemed to enjoy it.

The rest of us had crepes and they were fabulous. The ham, egg and cheese one:

Cheese and mushroom:

We were feeling full from the crepes but dessert had to be done. N's selection: some kind of tart thing in big portion - the coin on the right hand side is a one-Euro coin for scaling purpose.

R and my husband's ordered the chocolate cake. It was massive and it was pretty much solid chocolate. They said it would help to have some custard to wash it down.

My strawberry gateau was to die for. It was 8 inches tall but yet so light and fluffy. As full as I was I managed to eat the whole thing. The sponge was so soft it melted in my mouth.

I am getting hungry again just looking at it.

Timothy Creperie
7 Rue de la Vieille Boucherie, Saint Malo.

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