Tuesday, July 17, 2007

life on board

Someone asked me what it was like to live on a boat for a week. Well I have to say life on board was quite comfortable, and even roomy with just the 4 of us.

Our bedroom. Quite airy and comfortable when the boat is not rocking. It connects to a little ensuit bathroom with shower and toilet. Even though there's a water maker on board we usually take showers at the mariner.

The couch down below was my best friend during the trip. Saved me from being seasick!

The galley is completed with an oven + stove top, a microwave, fridge and freezer. We've managed to make some nice meals from that simple set up. The washing up afterwards is always a bitch though.
I have not snooped into N's bedroom this time but I had a look last year at the launch and it's huge. No wonder he can do 2-month trips.

When the sun was out we spent the afternoon lounging on deck and drank wine. Not bad at all!

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