Friday, July 13, 2007

Guernsey food

As soon as we moored the boat we practically ran to shore hunting for a chip shop. Somehow being on the boat gave us cravings for all sorts of weird things.

It took a while to find the Chip Inn, the map on the ad was a little misleading. Anyhow the place looked cheap and cheerful and we happily wolfed down our haddock and chips with gravy. We could choose between haddock, cod and some fish from New Zealand (forgot the name). There were even burgers, BBQ chicken and scampi on the menu.

To be honest I am never a big fish and chips fan ( I don't like batter). Perhaps I have yet to try a really good one. This particular version was not bad. The fish was most probably frozen but we thought it was still quite nice. The chips were good too.


For dinner since R wanted some traditional pub fare and with a local recommendation we went to the Ship and Crown pub right on the waterfront.

Here's R's steak and Guinness pie. He said he was OK although we did have a long conversation over what a real pie should look like. As you can see from the picture the dish can best be described as a composite pie: pastry on top, and some fillings in a bowl. We were assured that the fillings were home-made though.

My husband and N both went for the bangers and mash, served with a giant Yorkshire pudding. When it arrived it looked impressive enough surely. However the Yorkshire pudding was too hard and it was more like a pie crust - dry and non fluffy - unlike Yorkshire pudding should be. Nice idea but didn't work really.

My shepherd's pie. Again it could only be loosely described as a pie. It was basically just a pile of mince with a dollop of mash on top. Another composite effort. Maybe it's some kind of modern kitchen management technique? The taste was average and nothing spectacular. Then again we were at a pub and we shouldn't expect too much I guess. The service was excellent - what more could we ask for?


Another day, another stroll in town looking for food. On Le Pollet, where you would find all the interesting small shops and cafes, we came across the Conservatory restaurant. The place is part of the Moores Hotel but it seemed very popular with local people as well. We had a good feeling about it. (And we were loving the sun and the alfresco seating too.)

My husband immediately decided to pig out. He was having the fresh crab meat sandwiches to start. It was excellent.

Meanwhile N, R and I all decided to have the crab salad. It was so much better than the one I had in Jersey. The crab meat was fresh and sweet it made up for the boring salad.

On top of his sandwiches my husband ordered the cream tea as well. It was disappointing. Packet jam? Whipped cream? What's with that? The scones were mediocre as well.

N's apple pie with marzipan. He said it was OK. Again it came with a pile of whipped cream. Unimaginative!

My lemon tart was rather nice I have to say. It had all the right flavours and the right amount of zing. Perfect! The ice cream, on the other hand, was lame. It tasted like Arctic Roll.

After our day of excursion we decided to return to the comfort of our boat for dinner. One word came to mind: barbecue! Afterall we had bought a whole bunch of stuff from the market in Jersey.

We ended up having to fry the meat on the stove top because the mariner would not allow open flame on deck. My husband made an improvised version of nicoise salad. It got lots of compliments.

On the meat front we had BBQ whole ribs, Cumberland sausages and the huge wild boar sausages (the long one on the bottom of the plate was half of it). All were pretty tasty except the dry wild boar sausage. I think we had accidentally flooded the ziplock bag and therefore they dried out when we cooked them. A bit of a shame really. (BTW where did the wild boar come from? Didn't see any on the island.)

Chip Inn Fish and Chips
Fountain St., St Peter Port, Guernsey (behind church). Tel: 1481 722 108
Ship and Crown Bar
North Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey. Tel: 1481 721 368
The Conservatory
Le Pollet, St Peter Port, Guernsey. Tel: 1481 724 452

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