Friday, July 13, 2007

Guernsey, Channel Islands

We left Rozel Bay Jersey first thing in the morning and headed to Guernsey. The weather condition was better than the day before but there were still white horses and swells throughout the journey.
We plowed our way through at 7 knots and were hit by waves pretty much continuously. Good thing we had that extra bit of screen to protect us. (You can't really see clearly on this picture but it meant to demonstrate the splashes.)
My husband was behind the helm and got soaked by the splashes. He had fun with the GPS though.
We finally reached St Peter Port, Guernsey in the afternoon, where we would be mooring for a few days. We were hoping the weather would become calmer.
We immediately decided that Guernsey is a lot nicer looking than St. Helier in Jersey.

We left N and R on board (they were always busy investigating noises or fixing stuff on the boat) and decided to look for a chip shop for a late lunch and a quick look around.

A cobble stoned street in the old quarter. Cute.

The waterfront near the marina.

We had the pretty Castle Cornet as the backdrop for the marina.

The next day we decided to have a look around again. We were able to catch the noon cannon firing at Castle Cornet. Too bad I blinked and missed it. The noise made me jump though.
We got on the island bus and headed west. Our destination: Lihou Island. It is at the most westerly point and can be reached by a causeway at low tides. Bought by the States of Guernsey in 1995, the island is an important conservation area for birds. Here you can vaguely make out the the ruins of a priory, built in the 12th century by Benedictine monks from Mont St Michel in the Normandy.

Another view from the trail on the small island.

Too bad the vast majority of birds we saw on the trail seemed to be sea gulls.

A typical quiet country road on the island.

L'Eree Bay on the west coast.

We ended the day at this cute looking pub, only to find out it's a bit of a dive. It was all part of the experience though.

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