Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Element Fresh Catering

My friend C had a house party and she got Element Fresh to do the catering but her guests didn't eat a thing!!! Good thing we are always hungry.

The veg and fruit platter. I somehow didn't get the dips in the pictures but the veg sticks came with a very nice hummus dip. You see I would have no problem eating lots of carrots if they come with hummus. How come nobody told my mom before?

Mini quiche and Japanese dumplings. Both were pretty delicious. Too bad the top of the dumplings hardened a little overnight. I bet they were extremely nice fresh.

And here's my all-time favourite sandwiches: egg salad. I can never get bored of it and I can always eat one anytime, anywhere.

There were 2 types of spring rolls: one with mango and one savory with meat etc. Liked them both. Refreshing for a hot summer day.

The chips were actually very nice, they were like home-made somehow. The closest I can describe them is that they are not like tortilla at all, but rather a thin crispy nan bread. The best thing is they were not loaded with salt like most chips. Excellent with the hummus and the slightly funky avocado dip with sweet corns.

We were pretty impressed with the quality of the food overall. They have come a long way since we used their catering service 2 years ago.

Call Element Fresh at 5116-9887 for details.

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