Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Seoul, food market

You can always find interesting stuff in an Asian market. The one we came across in Seoul was very exotic indeed.

A showcase of dried shrimp, squid and assorted seafood.

Boxes of dried fish - similar to whitebait I think.

Sacks of dried squid.

Dried baby squid - notice they are the same size as the shrimps on the side. I wonder how you eat them?

Pickled cucumbers and onions. Look again. Pickled crabs!

Inevitably there was ginseng. Lots of it. It could not have been too expensive as some local women were buying bags and bags of the stuff without even checking.
You can't have a Korean market without kimchi. This stuff looked fierce somehow. I was hoping to figure out what the tubular red things might be. I never got anywhere close though.

Dried seaweed. I hadn't realised there are so many varieties.

Different types of chili paste, a Korean food staple.

Some kind of dried long fish. I included the shopkeeper's butt on purpose for scaling.

Sacks of bondegi - silkworm larvae. I felt weak.

Some kind of melon? They were not very big - size of a small apple.

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