Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Element Fresh

You can always count on Element Fresh for something ice and cold to drink. I usually go for the smoothies but the ladies wanted a drink drink. The one on the left is some kind of special margarita and on the right is the regular margarita.

C had the mojito. A refreshing choice for the summer heat.
Since we were seated outside we all wanted something light and cool. C's vegetable sushi rolls with cucumber, carrots and pickled daikon (RMB29).

J went for a fruit plate as a snack.

S had a simple garden salad (RMB35) with mixed lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, grilled mushrooms and croutons.

T had a Greek salad (RMB60). She was happy with the chunks of goat cheese.

My terriyaki chicken salad (RMB65). I didn't really like the pile of fried onions but otherwise the salad was nice and refreshing.

We were not disappointed with the simple and simple dishes Element Fresh had to offer.

Element Fresh (4 locations in town)
Portman's Hotel, Nanjing west Rd., Shanghai. Tel: 6279-8682

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