Monday, July 16, 2007

Sark food

Polygon Restaurant caught our eyes as we walked up the hill to the village. We walked all the way into the village anyway and looked at a number of other places and decided to head back.

A friendly woman (who I suspect is also the owner) was serving us and 2 other tables. She was the only one there and she was also the cook. We had to wait for almost an hour before our food arrived but we had no complaints. The garden was nice and sunny and we were happily sipping wine and getting ourselves adjusted to Sark time.

R's BLT sandwich. It was big and juicy.

I went for the local pork sausages with mash. The sausages were nicely flavoured and the texture was perfect. Everything else was nicely cooked too, just like a hearty home made meal should be. I realised the gravy was actually real! It had bits of beef in it and it tasted refreshingly beefy, unlike the salty packet gravy mix.

N decided to try the grilled pollock. He said it was OK. Fresh but nothing special in the cooking. (I would take his words for it. He is after all taking Cordon Bleu cooking classes.)

My husband tried the grilled local pork chop. Nice cut, a little dry, just like what you would have at home.

The veg for their dishes came separately.

After our (cold) horse carriage ride we were ready for some tea. We got recommendations from different sources that Sue's Tea Garden is THE place to go for cakes (especially carrot cake). We got Spiky the grumpy horse to drop us off (how often do you get to do that?), said our goodbyes to him and off we went.
The view in front of the tea garden.

We ended up sitting inside because of the wind. We all decide to pig out even though we ate less than 3 hours before. Being tourists made us hungry somehow. I decided to try the Sark ice cream. I got strawberry and honeycomb. Very very tasty indeed. They disappeared within 3 mins.

My husband had the freshly made coffee cake, recommended by the cuddly proportioned Northern lady. He decided that she should know and he was right. The cake was clearly handmade, but fairly light with a delicious coffee cream filling.

N's carrot cake was nice too.

R's walnut cake unfortunately was as dry as it looks.

All of us ordered cream tea and here's our pile of homemade scones. They were unfussy and rustic, just like homemade scones should be.

We were impressed by the big pile of local Sark cream we got served. It was so thick it to begin with it doesn't need to be clotted.
It makes me hungry just looking at the picture. Hmmm.

We thought there was too much cream but we ran out at the end. Someone was using 2 inches of it on each scone!

Had to take a picture of the butter mouse. So cute and 70s!

Top of harbour hill. Opens for lunch in summer.
Sue's Tea Garden
On the road to La Coupee. Tel: 01481 832107

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