Friday, July 27, 2007

Seoul, street food

I had never come across a place with so many street food vendors like Seoul. Everywhere we walked there was food. It's my kind of city. Basically people are constantly eating - how do they stay so slim?

I am only guessing that they are octopus jerky. I wonder why? Octopus is chewy enough as it is.

Bondegi - silkworm larvae. I had not got the courage to try them. The smell was quite alarming so I decided against it. If someone pays me 50,000 dollars on Fear Factor then maybe. I was told that they burst in your mouth and they taste like wet earth. I think I will get my protein somewhere else.

OK that was all the weird stuff. Time for something more appetizing. This is some kind of peanut and malt candy. The lady would scrape off the top and stick the shavings on a stick.
More malt candy. This time the vendor chipped it off with a hammer and screw driver. We bought a little box to try but it was so sticky that chewing was impossible. It's very plain with only a hint of sweetness. I ended up pulling mine off my teeth with my fingers and chucked out the rest. Not worth the afford when you have Skittles.

These looked interesting: sushi rolls with meat or fish as fillings. I would have tried some if it wasn't in the middle of the summer. Didn't want to get food poisoning after all. I had all the kimchi and bibimbap to eat!

This is the best of all: BBQ chicken kebabs! They smelled sooooo good.

A lady pan-frying assorted meats. That beef in the middle smelled good.

People would just stop and sit down at these road-side eating stations.

Interesting looking pancakes. I am guessing kimchi flavour?

These looked and smelled good too. Again the hot weather made me think about food hygiene and took over the adventurous side of me.

Assorted road-killed squids and semi-dried octopus. Funky!

I think the small bowl of food was a front. These dudes were there for the booze.

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