Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Hugo was not a bad place to be for lunch, it was peaceful and the service not at all intrusive: perfect for catching up with friends if you want to sit and chat. The 3-course set lunch at RMB158 (I think) is not a bad deal either, although the selections were a little boring and uninspiring. The food quality was OK, nothing outstandingly delicious but nothing was bad. I wonder what dinner is like there? Would the menu be more interesting? Would there be more afford on the cooking? Is it worth 4 or 5 times the price to lunch? Perhaps one day we will head back and find out.

Back to our lunch. I ended up choosing the Caesar salad because the rest of the choices bored me: gazpacho, tomato and mozzarella salad, duck breast salad. Yarn. The Caesar salad at least looked delicate and the dressing was nice. I was a little worried about the soft poached quail egg though.
L's tomato and mozzarella salad looked a lot more interesting. The menu didn't say anything about parma ham and good thing L isn't a vegetarian. Despite the stingy mozzarella cheese L said it was pretty good.

Choices for main were burger (looked really good on our next table), club sandwich, fish and chips, risotto, a poached(?) curry chicken dish, and there might be a vegetarian option. L went for the fish and chips and she said it was crispy and nicely seasoned.
My seafood risotto with crustacean froth was nicely cooked also. It was very rich and creamy with bits of seafood. The froth was very scrumptious - oozing with fresh shellfish flavours. It went really well with the risotto indeed.

We notice there is a trend of using froth or foam in the self-acclaimed fine-dining restaurants and we have to say we are not too keen on it. It usually looks very unappetising, like a frog has thrown up on the plate or something. Other times you get the evaporating foam arrangements - how pretentious is that?

Anyhow back to our meal. We both went for the mud chocolate cake even though we were worried that we wouldn't have room for it. Well, our worries were unfounded. The mud cake was the same size as the Oreo biscuit on the right. I think it was tasty but I didn't really get enough bites to be able to tell for sure. The dish looked fairly fancy with all the decorations and all, so it baffled us when we saw the Oreo. It's too way too homey and out of place compared to everything else.

In conclusion: I will probably visit the place again if I happen to be near by. Otherwise I am afraid there are many other options in town which offer similar (if not better) food and atmosphere.

289 Wei Hai Rd. (across from Shanghai TV station), Shanghai. Tel: 6327-8828

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