Wednesday, July 18, 2007


My leek and potato soup (RMB12). It had the consistency of flour paste and tasted like it too. Very disappointing. It reminded me of my cast when I twisted my ankle. I had a few spoonfuls and left the rest. While it was sitting there on the side I started to worry that it might congeal.

Our sandwich of the day: ham with potato salad and lettuce (RMB42). Very light and refreshing, we particularly liked the mustard grain dressing for the potato salad.

My husband had to have a dessert. The chocolate cake (RMB20) had a similar texture to a soft sunken chocolate cake. Not bad overall but a little dry and flaky.

G/F, Hong Kong World Plaza, 300 Huai Hai Middle Rd. (near Ma Dang Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6335-3739

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