Monday, July 16, 2007

Sark, Channel Islands

Our day trip to the Isle of Sark began with an one-hour ferry ride from Guernsey. Sark has a population of 500, it looks pretty small on the map but we didn't really what to expect.

Sark from a distance.
The only place one can dock is on the north side of the island. We were amazed by the rugged coastline pretty much all around the island.

The only road from the pier to the village. The tunnel is about 50 meters long and on the other end the tourist "buses" were waiting.

There are no cars on the island but they use trackers instead. The tourist buses are powered by trackers naturally.

In fact everything else is towed by trackers. Here's the ambulance.

We gave the tourist bus a miss and walked to the village instead. It was a 15-min walk up the hill. Check out the Sark Electricity Company.

The main street. It's empty most of the time except when the ferries come in.

After a long lunch I manged to convince the guys to take a horse carriage tour (other alternatives: walk or cycle). How touristy they said, but weren't we tourists? Besides most of the roads are lined with hedges and we could see a lot more on the carriage. Say hello to Spike the grumpy horse, who nudged me in the stomach with his nose because he was hungry.

A typical road on Sark. We realised the hedges are there to block the fierce wind. Being on the carriage on and being able to see over the hedge made it kind of cold and windy at times. I can't imagine what it'd be like in the winter.

Le Seigneurie Gardens, one of the highlights on the island. It is home of the Seigneur of Sark, head of its feudal government.

The maze was actually very funny. We had some good laughs.

A dovecote - actually with a dove! It was my first time seeing a dove, other than the ones on soup boxes.

Another view from our carriage. So quiet and peaceful (when Spike was not peeing).

La Coupee, leading to Little Sark. Spike was too scared to go any further.

On the way back to the pier we realised we missed a great event! Next year maybe.

The boat trip back to Guernsey was so rough I honestly feared for my life. The small ferry didn't feel too safe but I was told that the ferry runs even in worse weather.

All in all we thought Sark was interesting and pretty. Perfect for a day trip if you want to get away from it all.

For more information visit its official site here.

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