Friday, March 09, 2012

Viet's Choice 越棧

Viet's Choice is a big Vietnamese chain with almost 20 branches in Hong Kong but I was told not to expect much from the Tai Po branch. As low as my expectation was I was still feeling rather underwhelmed afterwards. 

Curry chicken with vermicelli (HK$42).  The noodles were served separate from the actually rather delicious curry sauce.  

Vietnamese sausage (HK$42 for full portion).  They were box-standard Vietnamese sausages and I thought for HK$42 it's a rip off. 
Beef pho (HK$37).  The soup base is supposedly what made this chain famous at the beginning.  Maybe the standard had slipped after all these years as I found it very average.  The beef was quite tender and it saved a lot of grace for the dish.
Appetiser platter for two (HK$88).  Again everything was pretty average.
Viet's Choice  越棧
Shop 9A, Uptown Plaza, Tai Po, N.T., Hong Kong.  Tel: 2653-2400

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