Sunday, March 04, 2012

Itacho Sushi and Jika Udon

I decided to give this popular Hong Kong sushi chain a try since it's right across fro where we live.  I wished I hadn't.  I got both the udon and the sashimi sets from the lunch menu.  Lunch came to around RMB100, which was not a lot for this area but considering the food-court quality it's expensive.  The udon was not tasty at all and I fell to tell if the udon was handmade at all as it was just like the usual soft slightly soggy type.  The broth was nothing to shut about and the beef was quite fatty.
The sashimi set was rather blah as well.  I would compare it with supermarket grade sashimi, it was like eating pieces of chilled whatever as you could not taste the fish.  Won't be going back again.  Are the ones in Hong Kong as bad as this one I wonder?
Itacho Sushi, Jika Udon
LG1-18, IFC Mall, 8 Century Ave., Pudong, Shanghai.  Tel: 2024-8050

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