Friday, March 02, 2012

my Bavarian meal

My friend's wedding brought me to the very cute and beautiful town of Ulm for a night's stay.  I left London just before noon and managed to get to Ulm by early afternoon, just in time for a stroll and some quick sight-seeings on that glorious summer day.

Ulmer Münster, situated right in the middle of the town, apparently has the tallest church spire in the world.
An old clock tower by River Danube.
A corner in town near the river.
It was such a fine day.  I wish my husband was there!

I stopped by a biergarten by the river to have a drink and some food.  With my limited German I managed to find the page with sausages but I had to rely on the waitress for a recommendation.  The dish, Rostbratwürschterl (€5.80),  turned out to be great!  And I really have to get the recipe for the Kartoffelsalat, which seems to be a regional staple.  It was tangy with vinegar and went really went with the grilled spicy sausages.  I can have this everyday!

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