Saturday, March 03, 2012

Benjia (Bornga) Korean Restaurant

Benjia is a big Korean chain with branches all over Korea. The Shanghai restaurants especially the one in Puxi have always been very popular amongst local Shanghaiese and Korean.
Bibimbap (RMB35). 
Fried minced beef patty (RMB50).
Spicy tofu soup (RMB35).
Hand-cut noodles (RMB35).
Seafood pancake (RMB50).  Everything tasted reasonably good and authentic.  And the yummy marinated beef patty was a first for us.  It is a good option for Pudong but I suspect in Puxi Korean town where competition is plenty it might not be so special. 
Benjia (Bornga) Korean Restaurant
2/F, 971 Dong Feng Rd. (nr. Pudian Rd.), Pudong, Shanghai. Tel: 5081-9377

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