Thursday, March 08, 2012

Jesse Restaurant 老吉士

It was my first visit to Jesse in my 6 years in years!  I guess the long lines of people waiting in front kept me away all these years and I was grateful that my friend P was super organised to have booked it 2 weeks ahead of time for us to try it.

A somewhat friendly waiter who looked like he was in charge recommended most of the dishes for us and we were quite happy with them.  To start we got a number of cold dishes and this salted chicken was simple enough yet delicious with nice fresh farm chicken.
Shredded tofu skin in chili marinate.  It totally blew us away!  The chili oil marinate was so addicting.  The taste reminded us of Suchuan hotpot, slightly spicy and numbing at the same time, it was perfect with the al dente tofu skin.
Jesse's signature dish stuffed dates with grounded glutenous rice.  Slightly sweet we thought it was odd that it was served with the rest of the starters.  We didn't care about the order though as they were so good we could eat them all night long.   Chewy and textile they reminded of sticky toffee pudding in consistency.  It
Opium fish head got its name because it's supposed to be so good you will keep going back for more. Under the deep-fried spring onions was the huge fish head.
It's not really just the head but the front half of of a very big sole.  The whole thing was deep fried in super hot fat and the result was tender,  juicy, and out of this world meaty fish we could not stop eating.  
Stinky tofu.  I guess it's a must for Shanghaiese food.  It was a different version than the usual deep-fried squares you see on the street, and it didn't smell at all.  I got all my courage and tried a little piece and I have to say it was the weirdest thing I ever tried.  It didn't smell stinky but it TASTED stinky and rotten.  Does it even make any sense?  I didn't like the texture either.
Fried river prawns with crab roe.  Crab roe was fresh and not even a hint of fishiness.  Prawns tasted firm and fresh as well.  My friend told me she had had better roe at another hairy crab restaurant in town though.
Last but not least grandma pork stew.  I am not a big fan of this dish as the pork is way too fatty for me.  I loved this version though because the sauce was out of this world!  Sweet and vinegar-gy it was even more addictive than the fish.  I even ate some fatty pork as it was so tender it melted in my mouth.  I am usually an egg crazy person too so I totally enjoyed the egg.
Dinner came to just over RMB700.  For someone who doesn't normally enjoy Shanghaiese food it was an eye-opener for me.  I am looking forward to going back sometime.

Jesse Restaurant 老吉士
41 Tian Ping Rd. (nr. Huai Hai Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 6282-9260

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