Monday, March 19, 2012

Napa Wine Bar and Kitchen

Nestled in an old converted garden mansion right next to the JW Marriott on Naning Road Napa Wine Bar and Kitchen looks very cute yet spacious and special.  The wine lists seemed extensive, especially when compared to the relatively short dinner menu.  I guess the focus is understandably on wine.

Salmon sashimi as amuse-bouche. Not sure if it really stirred up our appetites. 
Pasta with pesto and tomato (RMB78).  A solid pasta dish in starter size.  Loved the pesto sauce.
Seared duck breast on salad (~RMB90). Duck was tender but it didn't save this dish from being average.
Beef carpaccio with merlot dressing, creme fraiche, parmesan (RMB88).  It was probably the best starter for the evening.  Loved the merlot dressing.  
King prawn bisque (~RMB80).  The feedback was good.
Seared Australian beef (RMB268).  We noticed all the main courses were at least RMB260 and some were over RMB350.  A bit pricey for what was on offer.  Side dishes were extra.
Vegetarian risotto (RMB138).  It was actually a good alternative if you want to avoid the pricey meat dishes.
Apple pie.  We all liked it a lot.  We didn't think we would go back in a hurry though for the food.  For the pries they are charging there are plenty of choices.

Napa Wine Bar and Kitchen
57 Jiang Yin Rd. (nr. Huang Pi Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 6318-0057

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