Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Thai House delivery

Thai House is probably one of the more authentic Thai places in town.  The smell of fish sauce says it all.  It's not the best Thai but I think we will have to settle for it (like many other things when you live in SH).  

On my plate clockwise from left: prawn cakes, fried beef with basil and chili, green curry chicken, and fried rice with chicken.  The prawn cakes were too thin and as a result there was more batter than prawn.  The beef and chicken were spot on and while the rice was not bad the frozen veggies put me off a little.

Sticky rice with mango.  It tasted very far from the one we had in Thailand.  I guess mangoes are not in season at the moment.  The rice and the coconut syrup were average also.

The meal with 2 servings of mango sticky rice came to around RMB250/

Thai House
Rm 205, 2/F, 12, Lane 657 Wuding Rd. (nr. Xikang Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 5169-9217

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