Friday, April 03, 2009

Stillers Restaurant and Cooking School

Another excellent meal at Stillers back in March.  Gee I'm so far behind!!!
Some salmon-theme pre-appetizers.  
The dill cured trout(RMB145) was so good I had to order it again.

Sear scallops with curry pumpkin and champagne sauce(RMB175).  A bit stingy on quantity and nothing spectacular on quality.

The 36 hours slow braised beef cheeks (RMB245) was excellent on the other hand.

My beef tenderloin with truffle crust(RMB310) was significantly smaller in size than the one we had last time.  A little disappointing but the juicy and tender cut made up for it.  

Tonight's pre-dessert: some yogurt-like fruit mixture.  

Black forest cake.
Stillers Restaurant
The Cool Docks, 505 Zhong Shan Rd. South, (nr. Fuxing Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 6152-6501

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素顏天使™ said...

the 1st pic, that bread with face is super cute!!!!!!!!!!!