Friday, April 03, 2009


We had our first dinner date since the arrival of our LO 9 months ago.  Wow.  I am glad that life is somewhat "back to normal" for us and that we get to go eat whenever we want from now on.  

Back to our meal.  We picked Laris because I wanted mud crab.  I wanted it so much that when I phone to make our reservation I asked if I could reserve one.  i was told no it's OK just come on down.  Obviously the story did not end there.

To start my husband had some kind of squid stew.  It was pretty tender and tasty.

I had some kind of pasta dish to start.  It was obviously pretty average as it didn't leave an impression.

I was going to have mud crab for my main but was told that it was sold out.  Man was I disappointed.  I then mentioned the story with my reservation and my mud crab request, and the fact that it all happened less than two hours prior to our visit.  The waiter went away and came back.  Not only was he apologizing, he also told us that he "found" us half a mud crab and it's complimentary.  And once again he apologized for the disappointment.  I almost felt bad about giving him such a hard time!

My husband's duck, cooked in 5 ways; even though he couldn't really tell me what way green blob was supposed to be

My lobster risotto.  The lobster was fresh and sweet and with the rich creamy risotto sauce it couldn't get any better.

As full as we were we had to have desserts.  My husband's soft chocolate cake with ice cream.  

My meringue pie with passion fruit sauce.  I almost licked the plate.
Dinner for two with 2 glasses of wine came to RMB1400.  Thanks Laris for the mud crab and free wine.  

6/F, 3 on the Bund, Guang Dong Rd., Shanghai.  Tel: 6321-9922

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