Friday, April 03, 2009

Club Vietnam @ FCC

I found myself back to Club Vietnam again since there isn't a whole lot of choices of Vietnamese eatery in the city.  Although a bit pricey I have to say the food is not bad, especially when you compare it with the other places in town.  

With my husband's help I got to try a few more things this time around.  The spring rolls were pretty crispy and not overly greasy at all.  I will happily order them again next time.

My husband would not pass the opportunity to have prawn cakes.  These got his approval.

Beef pho.  Portion was so small we ordered one for each of us.  Nice broth with a good cut of beef, I could have this everyday.

Beef curry.  Mediocre but edible.  

The very small serving of rice (see spoon as scale) which came with the curry.

Crispy roast chicken.  I am not sure how Vietnamese this dish is but it was very tasty.  The meat was juicy and tender.  And even though we didn't eat the skin the seasoning/marinate set deeply in the meat somehow.  It was probably one of the best roast chickens we had had in SH.
Lunch for two came to RMB350.  Ouch!

889 Julu Rd. (nr. Changsu Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 6445-8082

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