Thursday, April 02, 2009


Unlike M1NT in London and in Hong Kong M1NT Shanghai is not a members-only place, at least not for the time being. In a slightly off-Bund location the view is actually not bad but it is a little awkward to get there. And if you drive you will find the only way to get to the place from the carpark is via the service lift.  Not that anything was wrong with using the service lift but I think we scared the heck out of the snoozing security guard.

We were in for a luncheon and therefore we got to sample a number of dishes.  Vanilla-cured salmon, kaffir lime leaf, celery salad.  If I hadn't looked at the menu I would not been able to tell you the salmon was vanilla-cured.  It tasted like regular salmon but with the salad it was pretty refreshing.

Mizuna Salad, pomelo, crispy scallop, sake vinaigrette.  To be honest the dish was pretty ordinary and I had forgotten what it tasted like.

Steamed baby spinach and sesame powder.  It looked impression but its taste did not leave an impression at all.

Crispy squid, black pepper and lime.  It was the most popular dish on the table.  It was similar to the salt and pepper squid you get in Chinese seafood restaurant, but without the greasy batter.  Yummy!

Miso-crusted soft tofu, creamy garlic.  The only memory I have of this dish is the overpowering miso sauce on top.

Alistair's damn pork Goi-oza.  I seem to remember Alistair is one of the founders of M1NT.  I wonder why they name these dumplings after him as they were pretty ordinary dumplings.  Perhaps they thought the little twist with the dip would make it stand out?  Well other than the fact that they were not greasy I didn't think much of them.

Grilled lamb chops, Korean chili paste, sweet pickled cabbage.   The quality of the chops was excellent but once again I don't have much to say about the sauce.

Salmon simmered in yellow curry, shiso and thai basil.  It was the best dish by far.  The fragrant curry sauce was bursting out of flavours and it coated the salmon perfectly.  

Our dessert selection.  

Everything was great especially the chocolate cake.  If the rest of the dishes were as good as the desserts we would be running back.  At the moment we are not in a rush.

24/F, 318 Fuzhou Rd. (nr. Shangdong Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 6391-3191

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