Friday, April 03, 2009

Haiku by Hatsune delivery

Got the sushi itch again and decided to use the delivery service.  Normally I'd be a bit worried about sushi being put in back of bike for 30 mins but in this case craving won.  

Dynamite roll - spicy tuna with double the hot sauce (RMB70).  It was so hot that I couldn't really taste the tuna at all.  At one point I cheated by scraping the hot sauce off the top.  

Engen roll - tempura shrimp, spicy raw tuna, fish roe, avocado, eel and green onions (RMB75).  The shrimp was good but the eel on top made it too fishy for me.
California roll (RMB62).  It had some crunchy stuff on top as supposed to the usual fish roe.  It wasn't bad but a little plain compared to the other rolls.
Moto-roll-ah moto-licious - deep-fried spicy tuna, snow crab and avocado (RMB82).  I wondered if they gave me the right roll?  I couldn't really taste spicy tuna nor snow crab but who knows.  The little light brown patch on the lower left corner tasted like pate.  Strange.  And now that I've checked my previous reviews I guess I never really liked moto-roll-ah roll except the very first time I tried it.  Perhaps the recipe is different now?
Haiku by Hatsune
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