Friday, April 03, 2009

Ding Tai Fung

Another quick lunch at Ding Tai Fung.  Quality seems to be pretty consistent but if I remember correctly they have put the prices up once again.  I 'd say there must be something like a 70% increase over the last 3 years.  Since when the official inflation rates in China add up to 70%?

Our favourite cold appetizer with bean sprouts, tofu, vermicelli and seaweed.

Deep-fried pork chop.  Juicy and meaty as always.

Pork dumplings.  Maybe it's me, or maybe these dumplings were not as nice as they used to be?

Stir-fried Chinese veg.

Egg fried rice.  It was the best dish.  I love eggs to begin with so I'm probably biased.  

Anther order of pork chop.  We liked it so much we got one for each of us so we didn't have to fight over it.

Chicken soup with noodles.  Loved the hand-made noodles and tender chicken.  

Beef noodles.  If the beef wasn't so fatty it would have been nice.  
Lunch for two was around RMB350.  I get the feeling that the place is getting more and more touristy each time we visit.  What a shame.

Ding Tai Fung
2/F South Block, Xintiandi, 123 Xin Ye Rd.(nr. Huang Pi Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 6385-8378

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