Thursday, April 02, 2009

Maido Japanese Cuisine

I was in Maido by chance. After a morning of serious baby shopping in Zara I thought I'd settle down and entertain my neglected tummy. When I walked pass Maido on route to the carpark I thought I'd try it out. It thought it couldn't be too bad as it was packed out with lunch crowd.

The menu featured all the regular items you'd find in a cheapish Japanese restaurant: sushi, sashimi, hand rolls, salads, tempura, teppanyaki, noodles, rice; it seemed to be the sort of place with variety over quality. Still I thought I'd give things a try.

Tuna hand roll. It was big and the seaweed was crunchy, and they are about the only good things about it. The two pieces of tuna tasted of nothing and I might as well be chewing on some toilet paper. They had probably been in the freezer for too long.

Here we have toro on the left and tuna with spring onions rolls on the right. Three words came to mind when I saw the so-called toro: toro my arse! I almost sent them back but I was curious to see how bad they would be. Again they tasted nothing like fish and the texture was almost soggy. Yuck! And the tuna and spring onions rolls were not any better: it's 2 piles of very blah-tasting tuna with spring onions sprinkled on top. Very sloppy and I could probably chop finer than that.

Since everybody was having some kind of lunch set I decided to try one as well. I picked a buri(hamachi) fish set as it looked really good on the menu. Boy was I disappointed when it arrived: my fish was at least half the size as the one shown on the menu.

There was no real surprises there after sampling my pathetic looking fish. It was very fishy and even the heavy dose of terriyaki sauce was unable to mask it.

Hugely unsatisfied, I moved on to the special salmon salad on its seasonal menu. Again the salmon was very generic tasting it could be anything but at least the vinegar and sesame dressing and the shaved crunchy radish made the dish interesting. Still it wasn't enough to redeem the underwhelming meal. Never again!
Maido Japanese Cuisine
B/F, Times Square, 99 Huai Hai Rd. Central, Shanghai. Tel: 6391-8105

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