Friday, April 03, 2009

Haiku by Hatsune

Some things are just better when you have them on the spot in a restaurant and sushi rolls have to be one of them.  Everything tasted so much better on this visit compared to the delivery we had.  Even the freebie starter, chicken marinated in wine tasted great.

Edamame.  I wished they'd serve the salt seasoning separately

On top of the sushi rolls we thought the chicken terriyaki should also be made a signature dish. 

Butterfly roll with tempura shrimp, snow crab, avocado and cooked eel.    We liked the mix of texture with crunchy (tempura) and soft (avocado).  The eel on top was sweet and fresh too.

King Kong roll with snow crab, cucumber and a bunch of other stuff which I don't remember.  Not the best roll compared to the rest.

I believe this is called summer roll with raw salmon, yellow tail, tuna and avocado.  Fresh and yummy.

Another creation with soft-shell crab.  Loved it.
Lunch for two came to around RMB400.  I'd say it was better value than the FCC.

Haiku by Hatsune
28B Tao Jiang Rd. (nr. Heng Shan Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 6445-0021

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